Sunday Morning Letters

Dear Dunkin Donuts,

Yesterday morning my sister texted me with a brilliant idea – coffee delivery truck!  You know like an ice cream truck, but the target would be mothers.  Mothers with sleeping children or housework that needs to get done.  Mothers that could really use some caffeine, preferable in the form of mocha iced coffee.  So, just think about it!


Curious Customer


Dear Spell-check,

Considering the technology of today, I really think that the past tense of text, as in on a phone, should be in your dictionary.  No I don’t be tested or textured, I mean she sent me a text yesterday.  Please stop with the red dot dot dot under the word.




Dear Elusive Orange Folder,

I didn’t give up and I found you!  I couldn’t send my son to school without the complete supply list, exactly right.  How embarrassing for a teacher’s son to have incomplete or wrong school supplies!  You were a challenge plastic orange folder with prongs, but I found you.


A Determined Mom




4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Letters”

  1. Ha! Love it, especially your orange folder letter. I was in Target and a mom said something similar about a green folder. “Why are there so many green folders, but none with prongs? I need the one with prongs. That’s what the list says. Green folder, where are you? Boy, this is irritating”, she said with a smirk. 😉

  2. So glad you found your orange folder! I gave up trying to find 24 of the same color (with prongs) so my class will have 2 colors for their writing folders this year. I’m feeling good about it…variety is not a bad thing.
    A Very Curious Class

  3. Spell check kills me on my phone!! It never recognized my children’s names- Madalyn and Macoy… it spells them all crazy style!!! Cute blog

  4. hahhahaa the orange folder! When I saw you posted your letters and that was the pic I was thinking, “I knew she’d find it!” Teachers don’t give up with school supply lists!

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