I opened the door into the house, closing the garage door as I passed. Then, I flipped the light switch and the light turned on. I carried my purse upstairs and set it on the chair.

Once I finished what I needed to in the kitchen, I grabbed the vacuum and carried it upstairs, flipping two lights switches and bright light following.

Now this whole experience was very exciting. Why you ask? Well, my ceilings, especially along the stairs, are very tall. I am very short. So, when a light bulb goes out, the light stays off. But now I have a tall fiancé and so…Let there be light! 💡



I pulled the bag of pancakes out of my purse. “Don’t need to bring those in with me.” (Why are the pancakes in my purse to begin with? That’s a whole different story so you’ll just have to keep wondering about that one.)

“Well, you could throw them at people.”


“The New Day [from WWE] throw pancakes at people during their entrance,” he says matter of factly.

“Really?” I looked at him suspiciously. “Are you messing with me?” He doesn’t lie often, but when he does it’s impossible to know…

“No,” he said with a laugh. “Ask Brady, if you don’t believe me.”

I eyed him suspiciously, still unsure if he was telling me the truth. Later I did end up asking Brady (his three year old cousin) and this was confirmed. There is a group/team of wrestlers that throw pancakes at people during their entrance. You can see a video here.

So this got me thinking, what if teachers had entrance routines before each school day? To get the kids excited for the day’s learning. What would your song be? What would be your thing? Would you throw pancakes? 🥞

Which texts have influenced you?

Textual Lineage Charts.  Ever heard of them?  I hadn’t until teaching the Fantasy Book Clubs unit of the 5th grade LC Reading Units.  (Session 7)  Your Textual Lineage includes the books that you have read that have influenced you.

I loved this idea and I needed more information than was in the curriculum.  The most helpful resource I found was from Teaching Tolerance.  So, I provided several of the prompts from the graphic organizer from Teaching Tolerance to my fifth graders.

I got mixed results…

From the very goofy, ready for summer responses…



To the thoughtful responses I had hoped for…




I’ve been thinking about my textual lineage ever since I first read about the concept and this is what I have come up with…

Top 10 Must-SeeTravel Destinations

Falling Up by Shel Silverstein

This was not the first or favorite book of my childhood.  There were so many.  But this is the one I read over and over.  The one that I talked to other people about and that led me to Shel Silverstein’s other masterpieces.  Even though part of my love of books has always been the solitude, there is still enjoyment to be found in sharing them.  This is the text that solidified that books are fun.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

I’m not sure exactly when I first read this book, but I think it was sometime in middle school?  And then again in college.  I love this book and it helped me realize that there is no such thing as a “boy book” or a “girl book.”  And if we put these labels on our favorites, a whole group of young people will never read a book that may change their views of reading and life in general.

Furiously Happy:  A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson

This is one I just read last year and posted about here.  It helped me see that I am not alone and there is nothing wrong with me.   Self-acceptance is a long road, one that I am still traveling down.  However, the message I found in this book sure helped with the journey.

Which texts have influenced you?

Happy Face – SOL #1


Just a typical Friday morning in 5B.  Noise, discussions, heated arguments, and many stories…

“Ms. Bless.”

“Ms. Bless.”

“Ms. Bless!”

“Yes, S…?”  She was looking at me with much the same expression as she always wears.  To an outsider, it seems fierce or intimidating.  I know better.  I expected the usual report about a stupid thing her brother or one of the other boys said before school.  Instead I got…

“This is my happy face.  You’ve never seen it before,” said in the same tone and with the same urgency that she might tell me what she had for breakfast.

She went on to tell me how excited she was about going to her grandparents’ house with all of her cousins this weekend.  But it was those two sentences that had me smiling all day.  🙂  I love her happy face!  🙂

Dear Cleaning Supplies,


Dear Cleaning Supplies,

Why do I have to clean you when you are supposed to help me clean?  I remember how disappointed and frustrated I was when I realized I would have to clean everything that I use to clean.  And to be honest, at almost thirty, I still hate the idea. Being a grown up….Ick!


A Reluctant Adult



Happy Mother’s Day!

I have searched10868296_10152934162898114_3229757744924986249_n

for the perfect card

to give you

for Mother’s Day.


The perfect card

to tell you

how special you are.


The perfect card12670716_10154054525933114_3283053640797465164_n

to share

my gratitude

for everything you do

and everything you are.


But it doesn’t exist

because you are

one of a kind12246950_904105159344_6931036824662868894_n

and no words

can express

how important you are

to me –

to all of us.


I am me

because of you.

There is no 12688085_157921497922275_5717654798106791451_n

perfect card

to tell you

Happy Mother’s Day!


I love you!  Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!