Five for Friday


1.  I love school supplies!  I know, I’m nerdy!  I get excited to see them up in the aisles and walk through them multiple times.  However, my son’s supply list generally results in a little stress.  There is always something that requires trips to 3-4 stores even though I shop in July!  This year it is the elusive plastic ORANGE folder with prongs.  I will find you plastic orange folder with prongs!

2.  Speaking of school supplies, it drives me nuts when kids draw all over the class erasers, especially the giant ones I buy.  So this year Bob the Eraser will be standing guard…



3.  My son and I started listening to Tuesdays at the Castle in the car this week.  We were really enjoying it, but we didn’t finish it before we had to return it to the library.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t renew it.  Luckily there was a copy of the book in print available, but now the British accent will only be in our heads.  😦    (The lady reading the story had a British accent!  How fun!)

The characters are the prince and princesses living in a magical castle.  Every Tuesday the castle changes, a tower here, an extra room there.  How awesome!  Right now the king, queen, and oldest son are missing.  The remaining siblings are working with the Castle to find their family and keep their kingdom safe.  I can’t wait to find out what happens!



4.  Exactly two weeks from today will be our opening Institute Day for the school year.  I have mixed emotions.  While I can’t wait to start teaching again and applying everything that has been filling my brain all summer, I am going to miss spending all day with my son.

5.  Finally, my birthday is coming up next week.  28.  That is way close to the big three zero.  I know that I am still young and have so much ahead of me, but I keep thinking of that Tim McGraw song, My Next Thirty Years.  When that came out I think I was in middle school and I remember thinking, “Gosh, that is really old.”  Now I know better, but it is still hard to believe I am this old!  It’s freaking me out a little.

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