I don’t know…

Three of us live in our house.  School is starting soon for two of us.  The third is a dog.  He doesn’t go to school.

My son stood on the stairs, getting ready to take the dog, Milo, out.  He started wondering out loud about next week, the last week before we back to school…

“We should spend as much time with Milo as possible the days right before we start school.  Since we won’t be home with him as much.”

Then he paused.  “Or should we not be here?  So we can get him used to being alone for longer?”

The confusion was clear on his face, “Wait, I don’t know…Is it better to spend more time with him?  Or is it better to help him get used to us being gone?”

I couldn’t help but smile.  “Welcome to the world of parenting…You never know if you’re doing the right thing or not.”



SOL #22 – Sleepy Head

We’ve had Milo for almost a year.  He follows me everywhere.  I go to the kitchen and he goes to the kitchen.  I go upstairs and he goes upstairs.  I go to the bathroom and I shut the door so I am alone.  Troy refers to him as my sidekick.    And then the other morning…

I got up and he stayed in bed!

I went in the shower and he stayed in bed.

I went downstairs to make coffee and he stayed in bed.

I had to actually call him downstairs to eat his breakfast so I could take him out before going to work.  Not just once, but two times!  I had to call my shadow two times before I could his his collar jingling and he headed down the stairs. Sleepy head!


My Chihuahua is a….

Meet Milo.  He is part Chihuahua.  We aren’t sure what the other part is….there are many possibilities….cat…goat…Stitch…or maybe ninja warrior….

I was sitting on the floor, listening to my son, when suddenly Milo ran at me. He jumped, his two back paws hit me in the chest, knocking me off balance.  Then he turned and ran away.

My Chihuahua is a ninja!


If you are a mom, you know that there is no such thing as privacy while using the toilet until your kids get to elementary school age.  (For the most part…)  My son, now ten years old, has let me have my privacy in the bathroom for years.

I honestly forgot what it was like…and then we got Milo…

Now, if I don’t close the door all of the way a tiny wet nose nudges the door open.  And if I do shut it all the way?  Scratching at the door…