SOL2021 – Adding to My Vocabulary

“This website is about a The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus. It looks like it’s been updated recently. Let’s see of we can find out who the author is,” I said to my screen of empty Brady Bunch Squares.

Suddenly, I hear a student shout, “That’s cap!”

“What?!” I ask. No only is it unusual for anyone to speak during this period, but I didn’t know what he said.

He repeated for me, “I said, That’s cap!”

“Huhhh?!” I still didn’t know what he was saying. This was about a supposed tree octopus. The earlier period called it “sus” and “not legit,” but I didn’t know what he was saying…

“Cap. C – A – P,” Student 1 spelled out.

And then just as I was about to say, “I have no idea what you’re saying!” Student 2 jumped in.

“She doesn’t know what that means, man,” Student 2 explained to the first student. Then speaking to me, Student 2 explains, “It means fake. He says it’s fake.”

“Oh!” I reply. “Thank you! Yes, it’s a fake website. How do we know that?” I continue, one more word added to my ever expanding vocabulary courtesy of my students.”

4 thoughts on “SOL2021 – Adding to My Vocabulary”

  1. Ha! Yes! I am lucky to live with a high schooler, who keeps me up to date on all the slang I’ll ever need. Once he goes off after graduation next year, I’ll be bereft without my source of info…

  2. Good grief, sus I knew, but cap? Nope, I’d have had the same expression on my face as well.

    As it were, we were talking about the tree octopus just the other day as we did a lesson a media literacy! Crazy! 🙂

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