SOL #22 – Sleepy Head

We’ve had Milo for almost a year.  He follows me everywhere.  I go to the kitchen and he goes to the kitchen.  I go upstairs and he goes upstairs.  I go to the bathroom and I shut the door so I am alone.  Troy refers to him as my sidekick.    And then the other morning…

I got up and he stayed in bed!

I went in the shower and he stayed in bed.

I went downstairs to make coffee and he stayed in bed.

I had to actually call him downstairs to eat his breakfast so I could take him out before going to work.  Not just once, but two times!  I had to call my shadow two times before I could his his collar jingling and he headed down the stairs. Sleepy head!


6 thoughts on “SOL #22 – Sleepy Head”

  1. Our chihuahua is my shadow, too! She has been very slow the last two mornings. Maybe it’s the seasonal change?

  2. Until Lucy, my bassets have bene my shadows. . Lucy is a sleepy head and always has been. When I get up, she steals the warm spot I left behind.

  3. What a cutie! I love those days when my dog isn’t ready to get up. The only thing is, if I don’t wake him up and he wakes up when I’m not there, we’re risking an incident (or “accident”)!

  4. My pup turned 11 months today and stayed in bed the WHOLE time I got ready. I had to drag him out of bed to potty, eat and head to daycare. It was fabulous. Your little guy is precious all wrapped up!

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