Tricky Tricky Third Graders

I got sick of the third graders not cleaning up after themselves, so we started fining the kids one minute of quiet time per item we had to pick up at the end of the day.

When we hand out rubrics for writing, we rite their names on it.  This way when it ends up on the ground we know who to charge.

It was an exciting game, but by the end of the first week…the fun was rare.  Kids were picking up after themselves!  Yay!  Success!  (But, can you tell there are some mixed feeling about not finding as many fines.)

Friday, after the kids left, I saw a checklist laying on the floor.  I rushed over to see who was going to owe me a minute.  I did not expect to see this…

The picture isn’t totally clear, but that is MY name at the top!

One of those little jokers put my name on a checklist and left it on the floor!  Wow!  They got me! Let the handwriting analysis begin!


7 thoughts on “Tricky Tricky Third Graders”

  1. That is funny! One of my pet peeves is how my third graders leave so much on the floor. I have started awarding Class Dojo points to kids who pick up all the stray pencils. I also charged kids dojo dollars for items left on the floor but I need to be more consistent about it. I like how Paul Solarz describes his end of the day routine in Learn Like a Pirate. Need to reread that part and try again!

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