When Mom is Sick, The Kids Will…

I got a text from my sister.  She is sick and has two kids, one and three.  It brought me back to a slice about nine years ago when I was sick.

I had horrible food poisoning and it hurt to move.  I was crawling to the toilet, but I still had a kid.  A young one.  An independent one.

He decided that he wanted Nesquik…no milk needed.

I watched him do it, but I had no energy to stop him.  He was so darn cute!  And like I said, it hurt to move.  I did, however, snap a picture.

This picture is really worth a thousand words!

3 thoughts on “When Mom is Sick, The Kids Will…”

  1. What a GREAT picture! I can’t believe you were able to take a picture feeling that sick. Doesn’t it feel good that you can go back to previous posts and re-discover those gems?

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