That moment…My feet are free!

I walk in the door

After a long long day11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

And kick off my shoes.

Up the stairs

And the socks are gone.


That is the slice

I look forward to

Each winter day.

My feet are free!

And I am content.


10 thoughts on “That moment…My feet are free!”

  1. I absolutely agree!! I have to wear socks because my feet are always cold, but when it’s cold, my shoes are nowhere to be found! So glad I know someone else who loves being barefoot! Great slice

  2. I can relate. I wear clogs without socks all winter long. And I hate having my feet tucked in bed. I need air! Thanks for embracing the barefoot movement. Talk about Paleo!

  3. In the winter, I need to wear socks when I go to bed but in the summer, my feet get so hot that it feels like they are on fire when I wear snickers. Imagine with socks too!. But I have a friend who drives barefeet. In the winter, she’s just wearing some slippers (almost like thick socks) only.

  4. All those years of going barefoot have made for some not-very-pretty feet, but they sure have been comfortable! I can relate to your poem!

  5. I am the exact opposite! If I am wearing shoes without socks, like Toms or flip flops, I put on a pair of socks as soon as I enter the house. I love how you took something that at surface level is a simple article of clothing, but you turned it into a beautiful poem!

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