Oh, Pops… :D

At two months old, my daughter was the size of a 5-6 month old, but my grandpa (We call him Pops.) still wouldn’t hold her. She’s too small still.   She’s too fragile.  So when he finally started holding her a few weeks ago (at almost four months old), it was a big deal.  I wanted a picture.

“Here.  Hold her so I can take a picture,” I said as I handed my daughter over.

“No. No. No.  I’m not dressed for a picture,” my grandpa replied as he took her.

What?!?  I realize he’s newly retired and not used to being in a track suit all the time yet, but dressed for a picture?  We were all cracking up as I took the picture anyway.  Memories!

“Next thing you know, he’ll be saying he needs to fix his makeup first,”  my grandma joked in between her laughter.

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