Help! I need a translator to understand my teenager!

“I popped off in sunball today in gym,” my son told me as we walked inside the doctor’s office.

“I have no idea what you just said other than – in gym.”

I find this happening more and more often lately. Some days I understand him less now than when he was just starting to talk. I’m glad he still offers me tidbits about his day at school, I just wish I didn’t need him to translate so often. I feel old…

In case you don’t know either… In gym, he caught three fly balls in a game similar to dodgeball. It was a good thing!

5 thoughts on “Help! I need a translator to understand my teenager!”

  1. That is so funny. My kiddos talk of “rippin’ the chat.” WHAT?! I listened when they explained it to me, but I have no idea now. I really don’t care. I have to translate their moods, too. Ugh!

  2. Me too! My almost 13 and 15 year old, when they actually talk to me, are like from another world!

  3. Awesome that he still tells you about his day. In the book GHOST BOYS, the grandma has her son tell three good things about his day. I’ve started this with Taylor. He likes that I’m interested in his day.

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