Today’s slice is a throwback to maybe seven years ago.  I was stuck for an idea, so I started scrolling through my phone and found this picture:


From this book my son found at Barnes and Noble:

deep dark fears.jpg

We LOVED this book, as we are both worriers.   But the reason I took a picture of this specific page, even though this isn’t a worry either one of us has had, is because of this slice…

Troy was five and an early riser.  I could hear the television on in the living room, but I could also hear him playing, so I didn’t rush downstairs.  When I did drag myself out of bed and walk downstairs, he couldn’t wait to tell me what he had learned from A Baby Story on TLC…

“Mommy!  Guess what?!”


“Some babies get cut out of their mommy’s tummies like me, but other babies get pooped out in a pool of water!”

He had turned on the television and watched an episode of A Baby Story that included a water birth…I didn’t correct him at the time, but he does know the truth now.  Don’t worry.


7 thoughts on “Babies”

  1. O the wonders of what your children learn when we are not around. What a great story. I remember those days I hearing the TV and not worrying and then sorry I had not gotten up to see what was really going on. Love this post.

  2. Yep, I had that conversation with two of my daughters walking through the mall. They just kept asking until I answered and then they were super silent. Amazing how scrolling through phone pictures can rally up some stories.

  3. How cute! It’s interesting how he sounded excited to tell you that babies get “pooped” out, rather than disgusted! LOL!

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