Before Digital Cameras

We sat on the couch, side by side, looking at photo albums from when I was a kid – about the same age as he is now.  Lots of comments about my age each time there was a page that stated the year.  Anything earlier than 2000 is ancient, you know.   I had to explain to him how some of the pictures were off centered because I grew up before digital cameras.   We didn’t have the fancy screen to see what the picture was going to look like before we even clicked.  We had to wait until they were printed to know what it was going to look like.  And then we got to this picture…


“Woah!  That coat!  That’s so retro!  That’s what you see in the movies!  That’s like the coat Will wears in Stranger Things!”

It seems like not long ago to me, but to my son – it’s the stuff from movies.

3 thoughts on “Before Digital Cameras”

  1. Well, I say that whoever took that shot did a great job- before the advantages of digital cameras. And the coat doesn’t look old to me!!!!! Cute post. And isnt it great to be looking at photos with your son?

  2. Haha! I love his connection to Stranger Things. I was just talking about how taking pictures was so much simpler when we were younger because you got what you got (off center, grimaces on faces, bad angles, etc). We didn’t have photo overload like we do now (my phone storage is currently full because of this problem!).

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