The Story of the Determined Whale

Warning:  This slice is going to make very little sense.  I was there and it barely makes sense to me…

I sat on the couch typing my slice last night, while my fiance and son were at the living room table.  My son loves to draw, write and tell stories.  For as long as he has been able to hold a pencil, he has been drawing pictures and making up stories to go with them.  Last night he recruited my fiance to participate, so they sat at the table, taking turns telling stories while drawing the pictures. These are the lines I was able to catch and write down.  They are bits and pieces of several different stories.  Good Luck!


Just like any circle, it starts with a square…

No, I am a determined whale.


You need a pineapple.

Under the sea?

This is my story.


You are angry because you lost

your flipper.

Pretty brutally.


You are a bouncing baby boy!

You are the most beautiful baby

with beautiful complexion.


Evil eyebrows.

You realize you’re an apple

on a tree.

It was all a dream…

or was it?


determined whale


3 thoughts on “The Story of the Determined Whale”

  1. Those “bits and pieces” sound fabulous on their own and even better as you organized them into a love poem, made even better by your picture. I love that “bouncing baby boy” language but I’m even more curious about “evil eyebrows”!

  2. There are some golden lines in there! I agree with the commenter above that the picture was the cherry on top for this post!

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