It always comes up this time of year…

The chilly breeze was turning our faces pink and the dog was barking, sniffing, and leaving his mark.  As often happens this time of year, our conversation turned to standardized testing.

My son is in sixth grade now, refused in third, took it in fourth and fifth.  (He is refusing it this year.)   Our conversation included my rants about Pearson and his questioning why everyone doesn’t just refuse it.

Why can’t adults think like kids?!   Highlight from my son’s mouth:

“No one really thought [PARCC] through.  I mean they didn’t even think about what the name says spelled backwards.”



5 thoughts on “It always comes up this time of year…”

  1. I love it! And no, I had not even thought of that. We just finished our first round of testing last week, with the second round coming in another month. So depressing, but your emoji certainly made me laugh.

  2. I don’t understand being able to refuse to take the PRACC test. In Iowa, we have to take the Iowa Assessments. Schools can be punished if students don’t take the test.

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