20150318_173035I have a son.  I thought that because I gave birth to a male, I wouldn’t have to have worry about hair brushing.  I was very wrong.  My son likes to limit his haircuts to one cut annually.  Therefore, our mornings are similar to what I imagine mothers of girls experience…

“It hurts!  You’re pulling out my hair!”

“You’ll live.”

“You don’t know what it’s like!”

“Ummmm…my hair is longer than yours and always has been…”

“Owww!  You don’t understand!”

“Your Grannie didn’t care if she brushed my ears or hurt my head.  She would just yank the brush through.”

“You are hurting my head!”

“If you don’t let me brush it, we are getting it cut off!”


5 thoughts on “Hair”

  1. So glad that you persevere. Sometimes, I had 6th grade boys showing up without brushing their hair. I used to wonder if they looked in a mirror before they left home..

  2. …and then he puts the hat on…at least in my house. My son has perpetual hat head, hates brushing it too. Good luck!

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