Guilty pleasure:  Bachelorette

Yes, I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  Actually, my fiance and I watch it together.  Somehow he always picks the winner.  Hmmm.  Does he have some inside information?

So, this one guy is a farmer from Iowa, I think.  And it turns out that he is also Andi’s secret admirer.  He has been sending her these beautiful letters and flowers.  Awww.  It seems like Andi and the farmer are really connecting, so it gets me to wondering…  A farmer and an attorney.  Where will they live?  On a farm or in a city?  Its like a bird and a fish: They have nowhere to live.  As I’m voicing these opinions, my son pipes in, because he is always listening even if he seems to be playing with Legos.  “A bird and a fish can live together.  They just need to find a dock…” 

I love my little positive problem solver!



Kids say it best!

Two examples of perfect comments, even though they should have raised their hands.


Writing Workshop Mini-lesson on Narrowing the Focus:

Using a sample text from Ralph Fletcher’s Craft Lessons, we demonstrated how a two minute time frame is more than enough for a personal narrative.  It was a story about a mom waking her son up in the morning.  I pointed out that it was only a two minute time frame.  The entire page was written about only two minutes.

“But it was a really cute two minutes!” says a smiling girl.



Practice with context clues:

She was so erratic that she would be in a great mood one minute and crying the next.  you could never predict the way she’d act.

Then one student shouts out, “They’re talking about my sister!”

It was another one of those times you know that you should remind him to raise his hand, but it was just too perfect!  And he did use the context clues!

A 50 degree day is the perfect thing to offset the first day of ISAT testing.  ( I choose to ignore any reports that claim it will snow anytime in the near future.)  I picked up my son on my way home from work with the intention of going to a walk together when we got home.  However, we arrived home to find a package from his grandma from Indiana.

As he opened it and found a new Batman Lego I realized our walk was history.  Knowing the answer I asked, “Does this mean you are ditching a walk to build the Lego?”


So, he stayed home with his dad and built a Lego while I went for a walk.  I guess I can’t blame him for choosing the very amazing bat girl over a walk with me and my furry boots.ImageImage


Gosh, I am exhausted and this is definitely the hardest day so far in this challenge.  I have lots of ideas, many possible slices, but the words aren’t coming tonight.  How about this?

In the bathroom at a restaurant, I hear one employee asking another for a certain feminine supply.  She didn’t have any and there weren’t any in the bathroom, so I offered her one of mine.  Yes, it is somewhat awkward, but I couldn’t just leave her without.  Would you have offered to a stranger in a public restroom?