My Next 30 Years

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThe lunchroom was filled with chatter, shrieks, and noise that only middle schoolers could produce.  As I sat at a table, waiting for a few former students to sign a book for a retiring teacher, I caught up with them.

“Ms. Bless, can you believe I’m going to be thirteen this week?!”

“Wow!  That’s scary!  I’m going to be thirty this summer.”

“That’s even scarier!”

I can always count on kids to be honest and blunt!

But, as August approaches, I keeping thinking about that Tim McGraw song “My Next Thirty Years.”  I remember hearing that song when it was released, thirty seemed so old.  And now I am almost there and I can’t help but reflect on these past thirty years and what I want out of the next thirty…