Why do you wear so many layers?

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He’s not wrong. This is what I am wearing today…Not any different than any other dress down day.

I have no idea what subject it was during, or even what day.  But, I was sitting on the ground working with one kid and another student was close by when he decided he had a pressing matter he needed to talk to me about…

“Ms. Bless, why do you wear so many layers?” Then, without pausing to wait for an answer, “I mean, you have three shirts on.  Why do you need three shirts?  You say that you get crabby when you are hot, but you wouldn’t get hot as much if you didn’t wear so many shirts.  I mean, you have three shirts on.  If you wore one shirt or even two, you would not get as hot.”

Unexpected, completely off task, yet extremely observant.  I didn’t know how to respond, so I said, “You are too observant.  Get back to work.”

Writing is…

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We are participating in the Classroom SOL.  This is a post by one of my students.  Although I didn’t publish it in order to protect the privacy of another student and his family, I am happy that he was able to put this experience into words.

Writing is healing.

It is a way to process thoughts and emotions.

For adults.

For children.


This challenge has allowed my students

To build writing stamina.

To share moments of their day.

To process their reactions to these moments.

To be heard.


This challenge has allowed me

To hear their thoughts.

To see what they find is important.

To learn more each of them.

To listen.


Writing is healing.

It is a way to process thoughts and emotions.

For adults.

For children.

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Different student.  Expressing the power of writing in a few words.


Slice of Life: “Love” Notes

Monday afternoons are rough and yesterday was no exception.  No specials, no co-teacher, plus..it’s Monday afternoon.

The kids were talking and wandering as I tried to make the the computer connect to the smart-board for a much needed brain break.

Plug in.  Nothing changes.  Unplug.  Wait a second. Plug back in.  Repeat.

Then, in the middle of this daily struggle, I feel a presence next to me.  I turn to look at one of my students. (A quiet student, who I am constantly pushing out of her comfort zone.) She hands me a note, complete with tape on the top and bottom, ready to hang on the wall.  I don’t know if anything here can really be considered love, but these “love” notes are the only ones I need.

Please note the mess that is drawn on the floor next to me is not litter!  I do not litter.  My messes are contained to my space.
My contained mess


“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

― Marianne Williamson

Life can be overwhelming.  It is easy to forget that there is so much to be thankful for and so much that brings joy.  I try to take time each week to write down things that bring me joy in my writer’s notebook.

When I am having a rough day, it helps to stop and write down the positives.

When I am having a great day, it can only get better to put the joy into words in my notebook.  (Or on my blog!)

A kid created his own text set to check out from our classroom library!   #nerdyteacherjoy
The weather on Friday was beautiful!  We went outside for writing workshop AND I wore flip flops!
Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 5.26.40 PM.png
I love teaching writing and the kids are loving blogging!  We are getting ready for the March Slice of Life Classroom Challenge!
My kid is a picky eater, so this was a huge compliment coming from him!


The Island
I love this quote!  I listened to this book earlier in the week and the line stuck with me.  I can be my own happy ending!



“What does the fox say?”

This is the first year that our school is doing a talent show since i have worked there.  We (my co-teacher and I) decided we wanted to do a dance with our class based on one of the Just Dance videos that we use on YouTube for brain breaks.  We had them vote:  Ghost-busters or What does the fox say?  Since it was third graders voting, you can guess which song won.

We have been practicing and today was the dress rehearsal.  Cute little ears on headbands!  Super weird song plus super adorable kids equals a terrific act.

Two acts before us, one of our students was performing a dance.  All of 3SB (our class) was standing up and dancing along with him.  It was so cute!

Then, RRIIIPP !  Gasp!  One of our friends had ripped his pants because he was so involved in the dance!  It was one of those times that you know a “good” teacher would keep a straight face, but it was just physically impossible.

Luckily, he was so good about it.  We tied his jacket around his waist and the show went on!