Just plain grateful…

Our literacy coach has started an exciting new blogging club with some of our fourth and fifth graders.  Their assignment for this week was to create a post of five things they are thankful for and reading them encouraged me to write about everything I am grateful for.  After very little blogging since the beginning of the school year, I think I am ready to jump back in..

Dear Son,

I am so thankful to be your mother.  You make me proud each day by the choices you make and the amazing things you can accomplish at only eight.  As your birthday approaches, I am reminded of all of the wonderful moments we have had together in the last nine years.  I was terrified and excited when you came into this world, and I am still terrified of all the mistakes I might make in raising you.  However, each day I see what an amazing young person you are and I am encouraged and grateful.

Love always and forever,

Your Mommy

553242_809838410664_787109558554736052_nDear BFF,

Working with my best friend is truly an amazing experience.  I suppose that it would not work with every pair of friends, but you are one of a kind.  You are your own worst critic, but please believe me when I say that you are a superb teacher and person.  I am grateful for your support, your humor, and your understanding.

Every brunette needs a blonde best friend,

The Brunette

Dear Little Sis,20141125_220136

As a child, honestly, you were kind of evil.  You broke my glasses, bit me, and all around terrorized me for fun.  However, you have become a friend and confidant. I am so proud of the mother you have become, your boys are fantastic because of you.


Your Big Sis

Dear World,

I know that, although my life isn’t perfect, I am a very lucky lady.  In addition to the people mentioned above, I have a supporting, loving family.  I have phenomenal grandparents who I love and respect more than words can say.

My job, although stressful, is my passion.  Everyday, as children enter the building, I am confident that this is the career I was destined to choose.  There are days I cry and doubt that I can do it, but I realize I am lucky to have a job that I am passionate enough about to become so upset.

With a house over my head, food in the fridge, and Netflix on my iPAD, I am content.  Even more, I am just plain grateful…



Guilty pleasure:  Bachelorette

Yes, I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette.  Actually, my fiance and I watch it together.  Somehow he always picks the winner.  Hmmm.  Does he have some inside information?

So, this one guy is a farmer from Iowa, I think.  And it turns out that he is also Andi’s secret admirer.  He has been sending her these beautiful letters and flowers.  Awww.  It seems like Andi and the farmer are really connecting, so it gets me to wondering…  A farmer and an attorney.  Where will they live?  On a farm or in a city?  Its like a bird and a fish: They have nowhere to live.  As I’m voicing these opinions, my son pipes in, because he is always listening even if he seems to be playing with Legos.  “A bird and a fish can live together.  They just need to find a dock…” 

I love my little positive problem solver!