“Hello?”  I answered my phone, expecting to hear my sister’s voice.

“Aunt Jennie?”  Instead it was a small voice on the other end.  “We think you sent these packages to us.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because it was Dog Man 3 and you said you would get it for me,”  my nephew replied.

“Well, you’re right.  I sent it.”

“Thank you!”

“And you sent me an Elephant book!”  his brother yelled in the background.

“Yep!  I love Elephant and Piggie!”  I responded.

I sent them each a book from Amazon without a note and without telling their mom.  But, my older nephew knew exactly who had sent it.

I love getting books in the mail!  The only thing better?  Getting this phone call after sending books in the mail!  #makingreaders