Sunday Letters 4.5.15

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Dear Spring Break,

You took long enough to get here!  I think I need you more this year than I ever have before.  And so far, you are not a disappointment!  I look forward to many more days of no plans, catching up on reading, and time with my #1 guy!

Your Fan,



Dear Gayle Forman,

I just finished if i stay this morning.  Although the story was beautifully written and an overall great read, I was most affected by THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY.  I was intrigued by how Mia and her story came to you, how her story was influenced by another family’s story.  I am fascinated to learn how characters and stories become the characters and stories that transport me to another place and time, at temporarily.  Thank you for sharing Mia’s story and your thought process.  I am on to the second book momentarily.

A content (yet melancholy) reader,