Sunday Afternoon Letters

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for your fall temperatures!  I am loving sitting here on the couch, windows open, covered with a blanket.  I have been sleeping so fabulously because of you.  (6:30 last night to 10:30 this morning!) Maybe I’ll even wear boots tomorrow?!

Happy Camper

Dear Lucy Calkins and authors of Units of Study,

I am really enjoying my second year of implementing writing workshop and your Units of Study in our third grade room.  After graduating from college and student teaching I didn’t feel prepared to teach writing, but the more time I spend teaching from your units, the stronger I feel as a writing instructor.  Reading the students’ personal narratives really helps me get to know them.  Thank you so much for your guidance.

A Writing Teacher

Dear Michelle,

I know I have called you a Big Blogging Bully, and I stand by my words, but I mean it in a very positive way.  I may have been hesitant to start blogging, but you pushed me to do it and now I love it.  Becoming a writer has helped me as a writing teacher as well as being just plain enjoyable.

A Very Opinionated Teacher  😛