What I’m Loving Wednesday 2.18.15

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.05.13 PM     The last few weeks have been ROUGH, both personally and professionally.   I really am in no mood to write about what I’m loving today, because honestly, I’m not loving much.  However, since I’m feeling like this, I’m thinking it is more important than ever to remember that I am lucky. So…here it goes…

♥  I have a job that doesn’t involve dressing like the Statue of Liberty and dancing on a busy road.

Every time I pass by one of those people I feel bad that they have to dance in the gold wearing that outfit to earn a living.  I am also extremely grateful that I earn my living doing a job that makes a difference, that gives me a creative outlet, and that does not require a costume.

51R6KBB4YSL♥   The Tale of Despereaux:  Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread

I love this read aloud with our third graders!  We just started it this week and the kids are enjoying it.  We read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane earlier this year and so the kids were excited to read another by Kate DiCamillo.  I love how the author addresses the reader in each chapter!

10978584_837651163684_7796171745677410731_n♥  Timehop

Seeing pictures like these remind me how lucky I am to have one amazing boy!

♥  Kindergarten Minds

While observing in a kindergarten room today, I heard this conversation.  The teacher was modeling drafting using pictures and labels for nonfiction texts.  Her topic was cars and a section of it was about what cars need.

Student A raises his hand, “You forgot to put an engine.  All cars need engines to run.”

Student B, “Well, actually, I need to tell you,” speaking to A, “not all cars have engines.  Some run on engines, some on        gas,  some on batteries.”

“And some are electric,” chimes in Student C.

The conversation went on between the students, ultimately it was decided to include the picture of the engine.

Screen-Shot-2015-02-18-at-12.53.59-PM-10mofw0-300x198♥  Reading blogs written by my students.

Click on the picture to read the Slice of Life that goes with the photo.  And click here to read more about our classroom blogging adventure.