Dreams Come True!


The cold wind blew as we walked toward the doors after two hours in the car.

“Just a few more steps and my dream will come true.” My son could barely contain his excitement about finally going to Comic Con (which is actually called C2E2).

I remembered those words each time someone bumped into me throughout the day.  I reminded myself of that moment each time the crowds became overwhelming.  How often do you get to make your kid’s dreams come true?


What would you do with $5,000 a week for life?

This conversation started with my eight year old son the other day.  I think it stemed from my sister saying that if she ever won the lottery she would hire someone to do her laundry.  I’m not sure where the number 5,000 came from. Maybe an instant lottery ticket that he saw?

So here is what I would do first…

1.  Buy a limo and hire a chauffeur to drive me to and from work.

2.  Buy a house in Elmhurst, IL.  (Beautiful town, my dream place to live…)

3.  Pay off all debt and then go on a vacation. Where?  I’m not sure…


Here is what my son would do…

1.  Buy a limo and hire a chauffeur.  (This is the only place our lists overlap.)

2.  Design and buy a superhero suit.

3.  Hire a butler and call him Alfred.  No, it doesn’t matter what his name is, he will still call him Alfred.  Requirement of the job.  (Can you tell he is a Batman fan?)

4.   Hire a sidekick.  Job requirements:  boy, six years old, British.


None of this will ever happen of course, because we don’t buy lottery tickets.  It’s still fun to dream!  What would you do with $5,000 a week for life?