Donut SOL

Photo on 2-11-15 at 7.50 AMNo, it isn’t healthy and definitely defeats the purpose of Wellness Wednesday.  However, a few Wednesdays ago I stopped to get donuts for breakfast to share with the other third grade teachers.

As I hurried around the room getting stuff done, I enjoyed my cookie dough donut.  Fifth grade bloggers began to wander into the room for their weekly blogging club lead by our literacy coach.  Mary, the student in the picture above, asked for a donut or at least a bite of my donut.  Instead of repling with a mature, “Sorry Mary, but I can’t share junk food with students.”  I replied with, “Nope.  Mmmmm…This is so good.”20150224_064727

No, I am not the most mature or empathetic teacher, however it was very fun to tease her with my delicious Wednesday Wellness treat.  🙂   And tomorrow I will be giving her a donut….a giant eraser shaped like a donut.

You can read the student’s SOL post here.  It would be great if you left her a comment too!