Me + Hulk = ?

Kids say the best/worst possible things at the best/worst possible times.  The problem is…you never know which one it will be…

“You know…if Hulk was real,”  a student starts, pointing to the cartoon of Hulk on my sweatshirt.  “If Hulk was real, you and him would really get along.”

“Really? Why is that?”  At this point it could go either way:  best/worst. Based on the student and the fact that we were standing outside at the end of a long day, I was betting on worst…something about anger, maybe?

But she surprised me!

“Yep.  Because you and Hulk are both brave and strong.  And he doesn’t wear shoes either!”  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Best possible thing at the best possible time!

Me + Hulk = Soul Mates

“I’m your mommy!”

Yet another conversation between cousins with a six year age difference…


They sat at Ma’s kitchen table, playing with dinosaurs and blocks.

“I’m your mommy!  I’m your mommy!” the four year old repeated, getting increasing louder and screechier.

Finally, unable to ignore him any longer, the ten year old says, “We’re actually two different species of dinosaur.”

“I’m your mommy!”


Kindred Sprits Come in All Sizes

I have written about my kindred spirits – the friends that I have found in the last few years.  However, with the help of Jill Pickle, one of those friends, I realized that kindred spirits aren’t limited to your peers – they come in all sizes.

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hThe weather is warming up, the snow is melting of the playground, and the children are staying a little longer after school, playing.  This shift means that we have visitors afters school, former students (4th and 5th grade) stop by to chat.  It is one of these students, let’s call her R, that I realized is a kindred spirit.

Each day she must wait for her grandma to wrangle her little brother, and so we get to spend a little time with R.

“P is my anchor,” she stated, referring to her little brother.  “All I want to do is sail away, like the Titanic.”

“The Titanic sank!”  I pointed out.

“The Titanic without the iceberg,” she amended.

Jill turned to Amanda, the other third grade teacher, because she is new to our school and conversations with R.  “R is like one of us,”  she stated motioning to the three of us teachers.  “When she get’s older she will be just like us.”  (Yep.  Scary!)

The conversation went on a little longer and when it was time for us to go inside, Jill and I gave R hugs.  R then turned to Amanda and held out a hand, “Nice to meet you!” (How polite and grown up!  I know!)

Amanda responded, “Do you want a hug instead?”


Oh, I love the change in weather for so many reasons.  One of them being our time with R, a kindred spirit.