Classroom DIY

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So exited to be moving to fifth grade!  I know there will be a lot that will be different, however there are a few things I make every year that should still be useful:

This is what I use for students to order their lunch choice.  Each student has a magnet with his/her name on it and it starts on the circle pan in the morning.  As students arrive and enter the classroom, they move their magnet to their lunch choice.  (The A, B, C, Home are also magnets so that I can remove them if there are less lunch options for a day.)   It also doubles for attendance.  If a student’s magnet is left on the circle, I know they are absent.
These are Popsicle sticks that will have the kids name on it.  They are two colors so that after picking one student, it can be turned upside-down and I will know which have been picked already.  This summer I made two:  one for morning meeting sharing and one the rest of the day.

I’ve also repainted a few chairs that I found at Goodwill to add to my new classroom.  And I have another one waiting in the garage that I just found last night!

One last thing!  Not a craft, but a great find from the Target Dollar Spot.

I’m thinking I might use them to label book bins in my library?  Not sure yet, but I couldn’t pass them up!

What I’m Loving Wednesday 7.22.15

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.05.13 PMcrafty♥  Troy’s version of American Ninja Warrior – Even if it left my couch more broken and bruises on Troy’s legs!

♥ Purple Pens (I need to buy a new box of them for the new school year!)

Drive Me Crazy is on Netflix!  I know it isn’t the highest quality acting or story, but I love it anyway.

♥  Staple Guns!  This was my first time using a staple gun and it was so fun!  It probably helped that my projects were successful!

♥  Waking up to this crafty mess!  Yep, I’m strange like that.  I absolutely love crafting and messes.  Waking up and seeing all of the things we had created was a great feeling!

♥  Friends – Especially nerdy and weird friends!

My friends like to craft.  They get excited about creating.  They love Disney movies.  They enjoy writing and are willing to spend 12 days at an Illinois Writing Project PD and an entire day writing at a writing marathon.

2015-07-20 07.44.59 IMG_24881