Cake Day!

So….my co-teacher and I…

…both like/need to be right.

…both can be described as controlling and bossy.

…very rarely give each other compliments.

…have declared Wednesdays cake days.

…eat cake for breakfast on Wednesday mornings at school.

…are much kinder to each other on cake days.

Today’s cake day led to this very special slice of life.

Christina, my co-teacher, sat at her table eating her gluten free cake from Jewel.  (It’s delicious, btw.)  In between bites she said, “I’m only going to say this once…”

I knew this was going to be important.

I jumped from my seat across from her and ran to grab my phone. “Wait!”  I demanded.  “I think I need to record this.”

I pushed record and captured this very rare moment:


Brought to you by Cake Day!

Well done, me!