Back to School DIY Begins…

I just realized I use the … a lot…

Last year we went with the Hollywood theme.  We wanted to change it up for the new year, but had to figure out how to keep our awesome classroom library. So….Superheroes!  There are ton of superhero movies after all and we are going to be VERY boy heavy this year.

I found this perfect fabric for a bulletin board…Score!


The first DIY I finished is for the birthdays.  Each kid will have a star with their name and birthday.  The star will be hot glued under the month they were born.  I did this last year too (A Star is Born), not an original idea.   I found it somewhere online.

20140722_181920Second, I painted new Popsicle sticks. (Also not an original idea!)  These are much better than the traditional Popsicle sticks.  We used these last year for our morning meeting and they worked great when we remembered what color we were picking.  🙂  During the days that we do an open share for morning meeting, we pick a stick and then turn it to the other color.  This way we can make sure everyone gets a turn over the course of the week.


I’m also working on the fairy throne/garden that I wrote about here.  What next?  Hmmm…..