Big Nate

I know that many parents and teachers question the amount of Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and similar books that children read.  However, I think that these books are strong texts that reluctant readers love and adults should love too!  After finding Big Nate, my son has read three in the last few months and suggested that I read one of them as well.  So, here are some examples from the book that prove it is not only engaging for kids, but should not be feared by adults.  9780062267191_xlg

“Yeah  I know.  A couple months ago I had a total space cadet moment and DREW in a library book.  That went over like a turd in a punch bowl.”

Kid:  Hahaha!  Poop!  In a punch bowl!  He must have gotten in so much trouble! 

Adult:  A simile!


“Hear that?  Now THAT’S a best friend.  We’ll always be total opposites, but just because Francis is Mr. Clean, it doesn’t mean he expects ME to be.  He’s happy with me just the way I am.”   (Picture of Nate with a mess pouring out of his locker.)

Kid:  That’s like my best friend and I, but at least my locker isn’t THAT messy!

Adult:  Strong messages of friendship and acceptance.


Side Note:  My son learned about Achilles and the meaning of an Achilles heel because of another Big Nate book that he read.


The moral of this post:  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.  Even if a book isn’t a great work of literature, it still has value.  And after finding so much enjoyment in a book, your child may be more inclined to pick up more books.