March SOL #1

     11454297503_e27946e4ff_hSo excited for my second March SOL challenge!


     I was visiting my sister and nephews, hanging out in the living room.    All of a sudden I heard my two year old nephew screaming for me, “Auunnntttt Jennniieee!  Come hereeeee!”  I went running to the other room to find a little boy hanging upside down in his little brother’s jumper.

     “Do you need help?”

     “No.  Me just hangin’ upside down.”  And he did…he just hung upside down for several minutes.  Oh…the brain of a two year old…

Top 4 Reason Being an Aunt is Amazing

My oldest nephew and me  :)
My oldest nephew and me 🙂

1. I get to be goofy, silly, and unconditionally loved by two super special little men.  ♥

2.  As a parent and teacher, you must always be a good role model and encourage positive behavior.  However, as an aunt, I get to teach my nephew about “see” food.  🙂  And I don’t have to be embarrassed when he shows his parents at a restaurant.  Haha!

3.    My have taught my little nephew a love of books. When I gave him a book as a gift, he unwrapped it and exclaimed, “Beautiful book!”  Gotta love it!

4.  Finally, unlike being a parent, if the kid is screaming and throwing a fit I can just say, “See you later alligator!”