One more thing to be grateful for…

Sitting on the counter,

waiting for his dinner

to warm up.


Cookies here

still warm 

from the oven.


Eyes widen and

he jumps off the counter.

Within seconds,

one cookie is gone

another in his hand.

Can I eat all of them?



they’re yours.

Trying to hide

my happiness,

my relief,

my gratitude that


is where we are right now.


Can we have cookies

again tomorrow?

he questions.

No doubts.

No second thoughts.


Of course.


The Coronavirus Outbreak Is “Like A Nightmare” For People With Eating Disorders 





SOL2020 #22

Ehh…Ehh..                            See,

Read this book!                   The cards fly at 20 mph!

Why?                                     Watch this…

There’s a one-year old on my left, wanting me to read her a book.  Wanting my attention.

There’s a husband to my right, wanting me to watch a video of a Lego card thing that shoots playing cards at 20 mph.  Wanting my attention

Somehow.  A classroom full of twenty-five plus sixth graders (wanting my attention) seems more manageable right now…


“You do too much,” my husband tells me as we drive around, spending much needed time out of the house, while still social distancing. He knows I’m told this regularly by my sixth graders and apparently I’m bothering him now.

“No one has said that to me for over a week,” I respond.

“Does it makes you feel better?” he jokes.

“Actually… does.” I can’t wait to be told I “do too much” again… I miss them!

Strawberries 🍓

Pancakes cooking in the pan. Lorelai sitting her high chair. Me hoping that Lorelai will stay happy in the high chair until the pancakes finish cooking.

“Do you want a piece of strawberry?” I ask my daughter as I open the fridge to grab one.

The strawberry was gone within seconds and then… “Ehh! Ehh!” she demands pointing to the fridge.

“Another strawberry? What do you say?”

And she smacks her hands together. Signaling please.

As soon as she sees me coming with the red berry, her eyes light up. A smile appears so wide I can see those new molars popping out of her gums.

This same exchange happens several more times before the pancakes are done. Each time the same light in her eyes, the same smile.

Pancakes done cooking in the pan. Lorelai smiling in her high chair. Me grateful for this time with my princess.