Bubbles and Zoom

Sitting at the kitchen table, I had my laptop set up and ready for our first team meeting via Zoom.  My one year old was ready in her high-chair with a bowl of noodles and crayons within my reach – just in case.  Five minutes to go and…

From her perch she spotted the bubbles.  Any hope I had of this going smoothly vanished.

I sat blowing bubbles IN THE KITCHEN while listening to the expectations for teachers during this upcoming distance learning. Multitasking in a way I never imagined before this strange time.  Luckily, Zoom has a mute button and my teenage son came to the rescue – distracting his sister in the living room while I finished the meeting.

4 thoughts on “Bubbles and Zoom”

  1. The best laid plans…. 😉 Distance learning will certainly be challenging with a 1-year-old in the house! But….you are a teacher. You can do anything! 🙂 ~JudyK

  2. I’ve decided there is no way to plan for Zoom. No matter how carefully you try to lay stuff out, something will happen.

  3. What a sweet slice of your life today. That is true–no one could have predicted the things we would learn to do during this time. That’s great your teenage son was available to help! I wrote about Zoom today too. (I don’t think I had heard of Zoom before last month.)

  4. Oh my goodness! I think we are all hoping that everyone else is forgiving of the challenges of working from home at this time. Those of us who are parents simply cannot set up an office in a quiet room, close the door, and be professionals. I hope that we remember to be forgiving of our students too, when they struggle with the challenges of all of their family members at home when they are having class meetings too.

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