There are some things only Ma can make better.

 When my son was young, they brought him to the bus and picked him up after school.  He spent every afternoon with them.  I saw them almost every day of the week.  Now that he’s a teen and my mother-in law watches my daughter, we seem them almost every weekend.   This isn’t enough, but I know that if I need it, I can stop by and feel better.  Sometimes going to Ma’s, sitting in the kitchen, and drinking coffee is all I need to make things better.

Unfortunately, with “shelter in place” in Illinios, we haven’t seen them.  That’s probably the hardest part of this social distancing – being stressed and not being able to go visit Ma.  Luckily, we have Facetime. 

My daughter and I were “visiting” with Ma over Facetime when my daughter fell over one of her toys.  This was followed by crying and her holding her leg – always a drama queen.

“Should I kiss it and make it better?” I’m not sure why this works for kids, but it usually works.

She struggled the foot or so over to me.  I kissed her leg.  The crying didn’t stop as it normally does… It took me a moment to realize the problem…Ma needed to kiss it for it to be better.  My daughter was holding up her leg to the phone – I just didn’t realize what she was doing.

I put the phone to her leg, Ma blew a kiss, and everything was better.  Crying ended.  Playing began again.

There are somethings only Ma can make better.

5 thoughts on “There are some things only Ma can make better.”

  1. >There are somethings only Ma can make better.<

    A kiss through the screen works even better, because it has to travel farther to get there! 🙂 What a great slice today, thank you for sharing!

  2. “There are somethings only Ma can make better.” So true – in the small and large sense. ❤️❤️

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