One more thing to be grateful for…

Sitting on the counter,

waiting for his dinner

to warm up.


Cookies here

still warm 

from the oven.


Eyes widen and

he jumps off the counter.

Within seconds,

one cookie is gone

another in his hand.

Can I eat all of them?



they’re yours.

Trying to hide

my happiness,

my relief,

my gratitude that


is where we are right now.


Can we have cookies

again tomorrow?

he questions.

No doubts.

No second thoughts.


Of course.


The Coronavirus Outbreak Is “Like A Nightmare” For People With Eating Disorders 





4 thoughts on “One more thing to be grateful for…”

  1. >No second thoughts.<

    We all coping, we are a dealing with a new world, and we all are dealing with it in different ways. Look like tonight, you found a great way to make the world a little more normal.

    Thank you for sharing this with us! 🙂

    What kind of cookies were they?

  2. Yeah – I made cookies for the first time in a year yesterday. I need to make sure to purchase more butter – I had to substitute with applesauce and they definitely weren’t the same!

  3. I read this with the smell of freshly-baked brownies coming from the kitchen. =)

    Baking is how I release my creativity, and how I make friends. =))

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