“You do too much,” my husband tells me as we drive around, spending much needed time out of the house, while still social distancing. He knows I’m told this regularly by my sixth graders and apparently I’m bothering him now.

“No one has said that to me for over a week,” I respond.

“Does it makes you feel better?” he jokes.

“Actually…yeah..it does.” I can’t wait to be told I “do too much” again… I miss them!

3 thoughts on “DTM”

  1. Haha I identify with this experience! I like how you succinctly told your story and it packed a punch!

  2. I didn’t know DTM until now and I can relate. What a great way you use that phrase to connect your current reality to the one you are missing. P.S. We are going for a drive in a bit, too. Just have to get out of the house.

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