A Conversation with Myself

This could be the year

I don’t finish.

You have to post


I’m so tired.

You have to post


I don’t have

Any ideas.

That never stopped

You before.

My phone is


Get the computer.

I don’t have to…

You have to post


6 thoughts on “A Conversation with Myself”

  1. Great poem! I felt that way this evening as I worked on tomorrow’s post when I’m so tired. The brief lines make it crisp. Good luck on generating new ideas.

  2. It’s hard to think of stuff to write about this year. I don’t want every post to be about life in the time of Corona Virus, My posts are feeling a teeny bit boring. We can do this!!!!

  3. I feel you on so many levels! Like you, I’ve also posted (maybe more than once?) about not having anything to write about, or worrying about whether or not I’ll be able to finish.

    I also love the way you structured this as a conversation between your “selves.” Who hasn’t had that mental argument?

    But if there’s anything I’m grateful for, it’s that I’m becoming more forgiving with myself about coming up with Writing That I Love every single time I write. Giving myself that permission has been REALLY liberating for me.

    Thank you for this (very real) slice!

  4. I have felt this many times, myself! I’ve often wanted to write about that feeling of wanting to just give up, but wasn’t sure how to word it. I loved reading how well you articulate this feeling!

  5. This year, there have been days where I haven’t posted. To be honest, they were days I couldn’t post. But, I always make it back a day or two later. Kudos for you for being able to keep it going daily.

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