SOL2020 #16

I walked in and turned the corner to see her little face pressed up against the grey mesh gate. Each time I return home, I can count on this. “Hi!” she said and then walked away, back to what she was doing.

I looked around and everything was as I had left it. Phew! It was the first time I left my teenage son home alone with his one year old sister. It was less than an hour,required no diaper changes, and he’s more than capable. But still. I started babysitting before his age. But still. Phew!

“She made me read all the books,” he said, obviously less than thrilled.

I smiled, “Everything was fine then?” The anxiety I had been feeling since I left slowly draining.

“Yeah,” he replied. “But she wouldn’t take a nap with me. I kept trying.”

“Well, I’m home now. You can take nap.” And within a few minutes, he was asleep on the couch.

I guess I don’t need to worry so much next time.

3 thoughts on “SOL2020 #16”

  1. Aww, that’s so great that he did well with his baby sister. Also, it is never too early to learn that a 1 year old will ALWAYS demand that you read all the books. ❤️

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. I can feel your anxiety settling down as I read each paragraph. And there’s something so charming about the way your younger one gives you the cursory “hi” before walking right back to business as usual.

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