“She drew on the couch.”

“She drew on the couch,”  my husband mentioned after I got home from my son’s basketball game.img_9076

“What? Where?”

“Right there,” he said as he nodded toward the arm of the couch.  “She was writing on the fuzzy book and then I heard a different kind of noise.  She was writing on the couch.”

“The fuzzy book?”  I asked, unsure of what that meant.img_9075

“Yeah, the one there by your foot.”

“That’s not to write in!” I snapped when I realized which book he was talking about.

“I’d rather her write on that than the couch,” he responded.

“You could give her paper!?”

“She doesn’t like writing on paper.”

I’m not optimistic about what future father/daughter time means for the books in the house.  Or the couch.  Or the tables. Or the fridge. Or the walls.


4 thoughts on ““She drew on the couch.””

  1. I’m so sorry. Hopefully it is washable. And, please forgive me for chuckling a bit as I read this. It reminds me of so many conversations my husband and I have had regarding our son over the years. Our son is 13 now and we are still having similar conversations. (Smile)

  2. This made me laugh 😆 what a great way to turn a frustrating moment into a hilarious slice!

  3. Oh boy! I hope it came out of the couch. “She doesn’t like writing on paper” made me lol. I hate to laugh at the expense of your cough though…

  4. So funny! I love your dialogue. I’m sure that dialogue played out in my house in many different versions over the years. Couches that are unwritten on are … over rated!

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