Right on Track

This is Douglas.

“Let me change your diaper before you go to bed,” I said to my daughter. However, she moved further away to avoid my reach.

That’s when I noticed Douglas. I picked him up and tried, “Douglas is OK with you getting a clean diaper.”

“No!” Lorelai shouted and snatched Douglas out of my hand.

Well, there goes my hopes of her willingly participating in a diaper change. I had to grab her while she was distracted by her dad’s hysterical laughter.

I read on Enfamil’s website recently that 15-18 month olds, “Increasingly understand that she’s a separate person from you with her own preferences, feelings, and ideas.”  I’d say we’re right on track…

5 thoughts on “Right on Track”

  1. My daughter is 18 months old and we are right there with you! Right now, asserting her will is still cute because it’s new LOL! I love how this story puts a positive spin on this developmentally appropriate behavior =)

  2. Oh, the first “no’s”! Those days seem so long ago, as I look at my twenty-something children now. You think the milestones are pretty much done by potty-training completion, but they just keep coming. My college boy doing his laundry before he came home for the weekend, for instance….

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