I sat in a dark room working on plans while our class was at their special.  Suddenly, noise erupted from across the hall. stink bug

“It’s a stink bug!”

“I’m sorry I threw you, stink bug!”

“We’ll release it when we go outside,” I heard the poor teacher across the hall tell her students in an attempt to get them to settle and get back to work.

“She said we are going let it go!”

It doesn’t matter how old the kids or how experienced the teacher – if there is a bug in the room, there is no getting back on track…

“I hope that stink bug didn’t lay an egg!”

2 thoughts on “Overheard”

  1. I’ve had this several times – usually with spiders! Someone wants to kill it, someone wants to save it – we all really want to look closely at it. Finally someone is brave enough to carry it outside. The first time I usually have to to get it out. After that I will have student volunteers. Soon it will be spring around here and the bugs will be back in school.

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