Full of excitement and questions.  Typing their slices with vigor.

I heard a noise.

Maybe it looks like a cage.

During morning meeting the coat slipped off a little and I saw a cage and little feet! “GASP!”

We decided to create a slice for our second graders to write about – the anticipation.  What was our surprise?  I kept glancing at the clock on the wall.  Checking the time on my phone.  This unveiling was the slice of the day I was waiting for!  Almost time for the reveal…

Clap.  Clap. Clap clap clap.

“Ok, Close your iPads and put them in the middle of the table.”  I looked over at my co-teacher.  “Ready?”

She stood next to the surprise and held the coat.  “You want to count down?”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1….”

The coat slowly moved to reveal an animal carrier.

“WHAAATTTT?!”  “What is it?!”  “It’s a kitty!”

“Oh my gosh, there’s two things in here!”  my co-teacher said in mock surprise after she peered into the cage.  This was followed by more screams and excitement.

“Ohhhh, it’s a baby ferret,”  she told them as she pulled it out and held it in her hands for them to see.

Silence for a good few seconds.

“Is that real?”  Well….no.   We got them the class pets they have been asking for.  We led them to believe they were real.  But, no, they are not breathing animals.  And they were definitely disappointed.  Their slices today about yesterday’s reveal should be interesting… I’ve already seen a draft of one…



You can see the video and pictures on Twitter.

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  1. You two… I was so excited to find out…then… not so much! However, it seems like it gave them a small moment to write about 🙂

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