****Spoiler Alert!  There is a spoiler for the Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire in this slice!  I don’t want to be responsible for spoiling another person’s experience with Harry Potter.


The Lego bag crinkled as he ripped it open, pulling out the pieces.  We were in the car – because the walk from the store to the car was about the longest he has ever been able to wait before opening a blind bag.  As he put the figure together, he noticed there were too faces…

“Huh…there are two faces.  I don’t know who this guy even is…”  my reader thought aloud.  At the time he had just started book four –The Goblet of Fire.

Without thinking, I replied, “Isn’t he the one that was pretending to be Moody?”

And then I realized what I had just said.  I was quiet, hoping this was one of those times he wasn’t listening to me talk.  The silence that followed confirmed that he did, in fact, hear me.

“Seriously?!”  He finally exclaimed after about thirty seconds.

It was one of those bad mom moments.  I tried to cover it up.  I refused to tell him anymore or confirm which book I was talking about.  It didn’t matter.  I had spoiled it.  Oops…

He’s never going to let me forget.

7 thoughts on “Ooops!”

  1. It happens…I have heard that even if you get the spoiler your brain is still surprised when you read it since you experience it without knowing exactly when it is coming in the text.

  2. I chuckled when I read this. We have all had that moment after something is said when we hold our breaths and hope that our words were not heard.
    If this is your worst mom moment, you are doing very well!

  3. They hear everything!

    I’ve learned that the hard way myself!!!

    It’s amazing how their little brains work. When it is something of interest to them, I swear their little ears are extra vigilant.

    Maybe this is a story to tell at his graduation party some day… 🙂

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