What’s a pole vault?

Estimation.  Thanks to estimation180, our students are doing pretty well.  While practicing today the struggle wasn’t deciding if an object was closer to five centimeters or five meters – the struggle was What is a limousine?  What is an olive?  What is a golf tee?  And since we were using an online program, I couldn’t predict what they were going to need to know and not everyone had all the same questions.   I tried showing the entire class, but it’s Friday and it just caused more talking and less working. So, I answered their questions as they came up.  What is a limousine?  What is an olive?  What is a golf tee? 

“What’s a pole vault?”

This was maybe the fourth time I had been asked this specific question in about five IMG_5201.PNGminutes.  One girl, A, had been sitting at my desk so I could help her.  She had seen me show each student the picture on my phone and explain what it means to pole vault.

Picking up my phone, A looks at it and responds for me, “It’s this guy using a pole and wearing a really bad outfit.”  The student who asked the question looked at the picture, looked at A, and then walked away.  Apparently that was enough information to answer the question. Or maybe he just knew better than to question it…

You know how sometimes your curiosity is telling you to ask the follow up question while your teacher brain knows it will not go anywhere productive and you really should just let it go?  This was one of those times. I gave in.  I asked the question.  “A really bad outfit?”  I asked.

“Yeah…It should be pink.  We wear pink on Thursdays…”

What?!?!  Yep, nothing productive.

“No.”  I replied.  “We wear pink on Wednesdays.”  I couldn’t help it…



5 thoughts on “What’s a pole vault?”

  1. Haha I loved reading this! Oh, how I have been that teacher feeling as though I am just on repeat answering the same question over and over again. I love your pink reference! And, yes, we have all thought, don’t ask the question nothing good can come of it. But, we are human, sometimes we just have to know!

  2. I am so sad I missed this moment! This is AMAZING! Fridays are the worst. We should all have at least one special on Friday. It made for a great moment though. She is something else…

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