Slice of Life – Day 1 of Year 6


“Slice of Life…It’s not happening now is it?  Does it start tomorrow?”  My son asked after seeing one of the many open tabs on my computer.

“No, Friday,”  I respond.

“Ugghhh…please don’t stalk me this time.”

To be clear, I don’t stalk him.  However, each March for the last five years I have been known to stop mid-conversation and start jotting down what he is saying in order to write it in a slice later on.  He’s thirteen now.  He hates it.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Day 1 of Year 6”

  1. Oh, that made me laugh! I don’t have kids of my own, but often write posts about things kids have said. Someday, he might turn the tables on you, but I bet you’ll be more cooperative.

  2. Haha! When Maddy saw that I started blogging again she was like; “I wonder how many I’ll be in this time 🤔

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