I want to live near other people, I just don’t want to have to interact with them!

“They were really nice,” my fiance says, surprised, as he gets back in the car after getting me some ice cream from Cold Stone.

“Why are you so surprised?  People are generally nice,” I responded.

And to that I got a confused stare….

Well…that may have been because before my wonderful fiance went in to get me ice cream (because I didn’t want to have to interact with people), I was trying to explain that I like living in the suburbs.  True, I don’t like small talk and being around a lot of people causes me major anxiety.  True, I will wait longer to be able to use self-checkout and not have to talk to anyone.  True, I avoid eye contact so that I don’t have to even wave to the neighbors.  However!  I like living in a house near other people’s houses, with people outside when the weather is nice….just as long as I’m not expected to talk to those people!  Makes sense to me…

Hence, the confused stare…but just because I don’t want to talk to people, doesn’t mean I don’t think most people aren’t good.   Then, he realized why I have a more positive view of people then he does…

“You spend your days with the best kind of people:  kids.”

Truth!  I am so lucky to spend my days with the best kind of people!   They give me hope everyday!