Cousin Love

Brady, my almost four year old nephew, was doing a pretty good job at the movie theater. sitting mostly still and being mostly quiet.  We were all seeing Sherlock Gnome this afternoon.

With about half an hour left of the movie, Brady started to get antsy and ended up sitting with me, and then climbing over (uninvited) to share Troy’s chair.  I could tell by my son’s expression, he wasn’t thrilled about it.  But he didn’t say anything and continued watching the movie.

I kept glancing over to look at them, an eight year age gap between cousins.  One time I turned Brady was just staring at Troy, the same way Troy stared at the screen.  The next time, Brady was hugging and cuddling him.  Troy was of course seemingly unaffected and definitely nonreactive.  However, I know that inside he was not as immune to Brady’s charms as he appeared. These scenes became way more enjoyable to watch then the movie on the big screen.   Cousin Love ❤️


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