He doesn’t need the stool anymore…

I opened the bathroom cabinet to put something away and spotted a grey stool.  A basic plastic grey stool and the memories came rushing back.

When we first moved to this Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 6.05.56 PMhouse he needed the stool in order wash his hands, brush his teeth, even reach the toilet.  Now we are eye to eye.  He doesn’t need a stool to reach anything.

He needed me to pour him a bowl of cereal. Now he can cook a steak and plan a meal by himself.

He needed me to put together his Lego sets.  Just the other night he put together a desk almost by himself.

I wasn’t ready for it – the rush of memories from so many years ago, but it came anyway.  I keep reminding myself that just because he doesn’t need the stool, doesn’t mean he doesn’t need his mommy.



3 thoughts on “He doesn’t need the stool anymore…”

  1. This post hit me right in the heart. What a touching sentiment. I loved the repeating line and the circular structure. Well done!

  2. Isn’t it funny how those things catch you off guard and remind you of time! I have loved each and every stage that my kids have been through. I look back lovingly and with sentimentality but treasure the current moments and look forward to all that is to come for each one!

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