“Who wants to get wet?”

“Who wants to get wet?”

It didn’t really register right away.  I was across the room at my table finishing taking attendance and Cam was sharing some tiny dolls during morning meeting.  I heard her say it, but it didn’t register until…


I looked up and Cam had the tiny doll in her hand, squeezing it as her arm swung from left to right.  As her arm moved, a steady stream of water hit everyone sitting in front of her.  I got up, moving across the room to stop the water.  But, she was ready.   Before I could get there a second doll, a second stream of water, more screaming.

Surprisingly, not one child moved or complained.  She did, after all, ask them first… “Who wants to get wet?”


4 thoughts on ““Who wants to get wet?””

  1. haha! the unexpected things to do when you think it is mellow – I have one student that sometimes starts singing and if I don’t shut it down, the whole class will burst into the song in the middle of a lesson 😛

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